Nelia Ross is popular singer, songwriter, composer, piano player, music producer, TV Show host, and founder of Biscroma Records LLC (Henderson, NV) and of Biscroma Records Srls (Rome, Italy), an independent record label and ASCAP Publisher.

The gifted vocalist is making a significant impact in the music industry because of her alluring vocal power and aptitude for fusing pop/rock and Opera. She stands out from the audience with passion and feeling. Nelia is a dynamic, modern singer with a captivating vocal power and melodic voice who is mesmerizing the audiences of all the world.

The beginning of her career started when she was a child, only 5 years old, playing the piano and performing in front of little audience by singing the theme songs of the cartoons. When she was 12 she started taking lessons by her vocal coach Annabella Rossi, a popular soprano.

After a while she met Edda Dell’Orso, the famous interpreter of sound tracks written by Maestro Ennio Morricone for movies like “Once upon a time the West“. Thanks to her teachings and to a long time experience on the stage, Nelia started winning the first awards in many national competitions.

In 1995 she became a member of the Italian Society for Authors and Publishers (SIAE) as author and composer, and she won the 2nd Award in one of the most important national competitions, that is the “Festival of Castrocaro” on the main national TV Station RAI UNO, performing an original song “Anni bui” written by her and her producer at that time Giampiero Artegiani * who was one of the most famous authors of Italian songs, such as “Perdere lamore” by Massimo Ranieri. “Anni bui” was released with her first album “Carmen Corona” (which was her stage name at that time) published by Fonit Cetra and distributed by Sony Music in 1997.

Nelia recorded many hit songs such as Memory (Barbra Streisand), “Blowinin the wind” (B. Dylan), an Italian folk song Sti’ Ccanzone sung in Neapolitan dialect and many more.

She has been performing in many Shows in Italy and abroad (Management by Dino Vitola who was the talent scout of Laura Pausini, Vasco Rossi and that has been in charge of casting successful television programs in Italy) accompanied by her first band “L’Occhio della Gente” and singing original songs written by herself but also some Italian hits like “Caruso” which let her shows become more and more culturally unique and internationally attractive, especially in the United States of America.

In 1999 she was the finalist in a national competition called “Accademia della Canzone di Sanremo”, performing an original song “Gli uomini vanno via written together with Maestro Stefano Cenci (the author of many popular Italian songs sung by the popular Italian artists Mina and Celentano).

In 2012 a cooperation with some authors in the United States of America started. In particular, the one with Nico Adams brought Nelia to write a beautiful song “True Light” which single was released at the end of 2021 that recently reached more than 108k views worldwide on Youtube. Actually her Youtube Channel counts more than 12k subscribers, as well as her Spotify page, and many others.

In 2019, due to some changes both in her artistic and private life, she’s decided to change her stage name, switching from Carmen Corona to Nelia Ross. And another beautiful cooperation started with some artists based in London (UK).
Nelia has been recording some original songs written by herself. The sound of these songs changed, became more electronic, in a typical English style, but the Italian melody and the American rhythm still remain.

At the end of 2019 Nelia started performing as Pop Opera Singer in many historical Theaters in Italy , like “Teatro Greco” and “Teatro Manzoni” in Rome,  and many others, with “La Compagnia di Operetta” directed by the famous Tenor Edoardo Guarnera, and received great accomplishments in the Country because she has been performing the Italian Opera and mixed it together with the Italian folk/pop songs that had great success all over Europe.

Recently Nelia’s prepared an International Show, that is the “True Light Show” that she has been performing in 2022 in Italy and which started at “Teatro Ghione” in Rome (Italy) and registered immediately a SOLD OUT. She performed with the Italian Orchestra composed by 8 musicians, 5 backing vocals, 5 dancers and 1 popular Italian Tenor Massimiliano Drapello, and occasionally having as special guest the famous soprano from Poland Dominika Zamara with whom she’s been performing some duets in Opera, since she’s a pop singer but she has been studying also for performing as a Soprano. She has such a wide vocal range that allows her to easily afford the pop music as well as the Opera, switching from one genre to another one very quickly. And this is one of the peculiar aspects that gives to her shows that uniqueness that is so much appreciated abroad, such as in Europe, Japan, China, South America and mainly in the United States. Also a selection of original and ancient costumes (XVIII century) are worn by Nelia Ross and her Orchestra to remind people of the origins of the Opera and the Italian culture.

The True Light Show was produced by BISCROMA RECORDS LLC that Nelia founded in 2020 and that is established in Henderson, Nevada (U.S.A.).

In 2023 NELIA started her new TV Station “NeliaTV”.

From September to November 2022 she was a regular Special Guest in an Italian TV Show “Finalmente è Domenica” directed by Volfango Vaccaro and that run every Sunday in the early afternoon, from 2pm to 4 pm, in the national Italian TV Channel “Lazio TV”. Every week she’s been performing LIVE the typical and classical Italian songs that pushed her into becoming an ambassador of the Italian Culture in Italy and abroad.

Further, in October 2022 she released her new single “I’m Flying” as Nelia Ross and which is included in her new album which takes the name from the single and that is on the major digital stores (Deezer, Amazon, I-Tunes, Spotify, ecc) and platforms, as well as on YouTube and all the social media.

The Album “I’m Flying – Unplugged” was recorded in the Bell Sound Recording Studio (London, UK), at the Perry Vale Studios (London, UK) and in the Combo Studios (Italy). This album was intended as the beginning for a new music journey. It includes 7 songs. It is all unplugged, recorded live in the studio.

The Video of I’m flying actually reached over 30k views on YouTube in a few days and it was filmed in Italy, at the Island of Capri, because Nelia wanted to emphasize the beauty of the Italian landscape and spread it worldwide. It is very important to her, especially after having lived the long period of pandemia where she was directly hit when her mom passed away due to COVID-19. She had to think to overcome the sadness, loneliness and depression, focusing on her production, she was in need to create a song that could let her imagine a bright future, freedom and happiness. And “I’m Flying” came to life!

The Video represents the freedom, the independence of a woman that finds herself after years of loss, and wants to demonstrate her value, her strength and power, without considering vital what people think of her

At the end of November 2022 Nelia Ross received an important recognition and won an important Award for the Music Career Premio Stelvio Cipriani” at  “Teatro Vascello” in Rome (Italy). The event was hosted by Sabrina Fattibene (who is an Italian Art Gallery Director and curator and cultural expertise) and had many accomplishments from the media for the great success and the massive and positive impact it had to the public opinion, since in that Event Nelia created a link between art and music, enlightening the audience about the uniqueness of the Italian Culture.

In Decemeber 2022, Nelia signed an important distribution agreement between her label Biscroma Records LLC and Bungalo Records INC (partner of Ingrooves Music Group) executively distributed through Universal Music Group.

Further, in the same period she was contacted by a few managers from Las Vegas requesting her to perform some Live Shows in Las Vegas due to her incredible talent and to the fact that in their opinion she is the right person to bring the Italian culture in the United States giving her personal contribution, so she started promoting her album and her original songs in some local Radio Shows, like “Nights Over Las Vegas Prime Time” hosted by Hall of Fame Bruce “Commander” Garrett on 22.3 TakeOver Radio FM Sound, “Las Vegas Rocks Radio Show” and “Vegas Live Entertainment Radio”  hosted by the Hall of Fame Ron Garrett on AM 670 KMZQ LV, “Vegas Voice” hosted by Rich Natole on KSHP Radio – AM 1400 and FM 107.1, and “New York New York” on hosted by one of the greatest radio personality Sal Palmieri, who invented radio for Italian Americans and who organized events and big concerts at Madison Square Garden, bringing Domenico Modugno and Claudio Villa to New York.

Nelia was interviewed also by a local TV Internet Show “Undiscovered” on “Social Media Network” hosted by Priscilla Moy in Las Vegas and she released a beautiful interview to AJ Dean, host and producer of a podcast “Film Talk with AJ Dean.

In May 2023 she was invited to perform together with other popular artists from Las Vegas and with the Ned Mills Orchestra in a benefit concert at “Alexis Park Resort” in Las Vegas to honor the late showman Liberace. The event was called “Liberace 104th Birthday Celebration” realized and produced by the Liberace Foundation for the Performing and Creative Arts that is keeping his legacy alive in the best way possible and which is a not-for-profit organization.

In the meanwhile she created some merchandise (mugs, tot bags and ornaments) with an illustration of her originally designed by the great artist Neal Portnoy “The Illustrator to the Stars”.

In June 2023 she has been invited to perform Italian songs on The Dennis Bono Show, hosted by the popular artist/entertainer Dennis Bono, in South Point Casino, Las Vegas.

In October 2023 she’s performed her first debut live show at the Italian American Club bringing her Italian culture in a Club that historically has an Italian musical tradition, besides having had as special entertainers people like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. 

In December 2023 she was invited to perform Italian and American songs in the “Mark OToole Show” at Sun City Anthem Hall, Henderson, Nevada (U.S.A).

In the fall her new TV Show “A Vegas Beginning”  Starring Nelia Ross, (initially broadcast on the CW Las Vegas, MY LVTV and then also on KSNV NBC TV3) , became so popular in the city, receiving accomplishments all over the places and deserving also a Billboard with her name on, close to the Strip where the main  city attractions are.  And credits on IDBm have been received.

During the winter she was invited also to sing Christmas Songs in the Show “Holly Jolly Holiday Special” presented by The Vegas Voice and hosted by the popular Jonny Bird, sharing the stage also with Michael SinatraRita Lim and Steve McCoy. Nelia was then also invited a few times by the famous composer Keith Thompson (and Musical Director for many musicals like “Cabaret” and “Mamma Mia!”), to perform as special guest with him to his “Keith Thompson’s Piano Party” at the Composers Room in Las Vegas.

On May 1st, 2024 Nelia Ross performed for the first time at “The Composers Showcase of Las Vegas“, at the Smith Center in Las Vegas. This renowned Showcase was conducted and directed by Keith Thompson, and Nelia Ross performed LIVE for the very first time her original song “True Light” enlightening her powerful voice and her ability to play the piano.