Welcome to the Official Website of Nelia Ross, the popular International Italian singer, songwriter, composer, pianist, TV Show Hostess and Producer!

With her captivating vocal power and ability to merge Pop-Rock and Opera tunes with her innovative singing appeal, Nelia Ross is an artist creating a significant impact in the music and entertainment industry. Nelia has developed her innate skills to stand out in the crowd with passion and emotion. She is gifted with a unique, powerful, melodious voice.

Her new experience as TV Show Hostess with her new born NELIA TV broadcast on the CW Las Vegas, My LVTV, and KSNV NBC Channel 3, brought Nelia’s artistic career to the next level.

She started her career at 5 years old singing cartoon’s themes and playing the piano; after that at 12 she started composing original songs, at 15 she performed with “The Platters in Italy, then with a popular Italian I Cugini di Campagna”, with Rocky Roberts and Wess, with Silvia Salemi and Giampiero Artegiani (who became her producer),  and many others.

Nelia received accomplishments also from Maestro Luciano Pavarotti during an Italian music competition, Laura Pausini, Manuela Villa (daughter of Claudio Villa), Gianni Morandi, and many others.

From her debut album Carmen Corona to electrifying collaborations with international artists in her new album I’m flying, Nelia’s music brings together the best of Italian melody and American rhythm. She has risen prominence as a Cultural Ambassador, fostering a strong connection between Italy and the United States. By bridging the two cultures, she has become a vital link between Italy’s rich heritage and American audiences, sharing the beauty and essence of Italian culture with a global audience. Her work has created a unique cultural exchange, promoting mutual understanding and appreciation between the two nations. With forthcoming international shows produced by Biscroma Records, Nelia is set to mesmerize audiences across Europe, the United States, Asia and Australia.

JOIN NELIA ROSS on this musical adventure as she shares her passion and captivating performances that will leave you craving for more.

Let the music play and be enchanted by NELIA ROSS! Your support means the world to NELIA… 

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