Hello! My name is Nelia Ross. I’m a popular singer and song writer from Italy.

The beginning of my career started when I was a child,only 5 years old, playing the piano and start performing in front of little audience by singing songs of the cartoons. When I was 12 I started taking lessons by my vocal coach Annabella Rossi, a popular opera singer.

After a while I met EDDA DELL’ORSO, the famous interpreter of sound tracks written by ENNIO MORRICONE for movies like “Once upon a time the West”and went on studying music and singing.

Thanks to her teachings and long time experience I started winning the first awards in many national competitions. In 1995 I became a member of the Italian Society for Authors and Publishers (SIAE) as author and composer.

In 1997 I won the 2nd Award in one of the most important national competitions, that is “Festival of Castrocaro” performing an original song “Anni bui” written by me and my producer at that time Giampiero Artegiani who was one of the most famous authors of Italian songs, such as “Perdere l’amore”. “Anni bui” was put in an album published by Font Cetra.

After that I published my first album “CARMEN CORONA” by Sony Music. In the album you can find some cover songs, such as Memory (Barbra Streisand), Blowin’ in the wind (B. Dylan), and more. I’ve been performing in many SHOWS in Italy and abroad, singing original songs, but also cover songs, hits like Memory, Caruso, The best, Bang bang, and many others. In 2012 a cooperation with some authors in the United States of America started. In particular, the one with Nico Adams (@NIC0ADAMS) with whom I wrote TRUE LIGHT. In 2019 another beautiful cooperation started with some artists based in London (UK).

We started recording some original songs written by me. The sound of these songs changed, becoming more electronic, even if the Italian melody and the American rhythm still remain. We’re stil working on this new project. Actually, I’m preparing also for an international SHOW “BACK TO THE FUTURE”, produced by Biscroma Records. It will tour in Europe and The United States of America! LET’S PLAY!

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